Our Values and Standards

We at Seedwear want you to become part of a “Refairmation” in this industry by offering a platform to purchase green fashion that is produced exactly the way you like and due to standards that respect human & nature.
We believe that a t-shirt or sweater isn’t only a replaceable piece of garment, but a possibility to tell stories: yours and of the people, who made it for you.


The core element of our idea is the on demand character of the shop. Through crowd funding only the designs the community likes the most will be produced.
Simultaneously, young artists and designers get a platform to present their ideas of designs and can gather scope for their further career whilst sustainability accompanies the overall process.
By attaching labels with a QR-Code to the products, that show the consumer further information on production process and supply chain of their product, we communicate transparent information for everyone.

We determined the level of sustainability by the following criteria:

  1. Material Health

This criteria rates how harmful an apparel is to the health of workers, local communities and/or end customers based on the used material.

  1. Material Reutilization

A high rating of this criteria means that the apparel eventually can be safely composted or reused In the industry.

  1. Renewable Energy & Carbon Management

The amount of energy that is used to produce a garment significantly determines the ecological footprint of a product. It rates the ability of the producer to safe energy and minimize the carbon discharge by use renewable sources to ensure a green production.

  1. Water Stewardship

It describes the amount of water used and the quality of the wastewater.

  1. Social Fairness

The products or services of the manufacturer are designed to leave a positive impact for the society and the environment. Companies, that acquire a high rating, go beyond their corporate borders and care for the local community and their workers.

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